Guerisson UV Defense Sun Gel Essence
Guerisson UV Defense Sun Gel Essence

Guerisson UV Defense Sun Gel Essence

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UV ray protection and effective skin moisturizing all at once!
Smart sun screen forms a potent moisturizing barrier on skin and blocks UV rays, leaving skin hydrated for hours

Smart City Proof
➤ Multi-function sun screen for urban lifestyles – helps block blue light and fine dust, major factors of skin aging along with potent UV rays

Moisture Capsule Formula
➤ Contains Horse Oil Liposome Clustering Capsule, keeping skin prone to UV-ray-induced dryness hydrated for hours

Contains 60% of essence that instantly hydrates skin
➤ It contains 60% of moisturizing essence that maximizes the product’s skincare capacity while providing UV protection, so it adds a moisturizing layer to skin

Ultra-Thin Texture
➤ With a refreshing essence texture that provides moisture with a light feeling, it is quickly absorbed into skin without feeling greasy, forming a potent protection barrier

How To Use

➤ Gently shake the container and evenly apply the sunscreen onto your face, neck and other areas to be exposed to UV rays at the last stage of your skincare routine.


Volume  50ml