Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream (Face & Body)
Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream (Face & Body)
Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream (Face & Body)
Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream (Face & Body)

Guerisson 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream (Face & Body)

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-Long-lasting moisturizing

  • Keeps the skin moisturized and balanced tone

-Dual functional cosmetics for whitening and wrinkle decline

  • Enhancement of native power of skin by purified German horse oil

Skin Care in advance for anti-aging by an innovative absorption system of skin that uses Refined Advanced Horse Oil.

-Boosting skin up with concentrated care for anti-aging

  • It includes three peptide complexes to help boost up the skin. It cares to weaken spots of skin more effectively. It will take care to look young with innovative antiaging care.

-Calming effect by taking low temperature for extracts

  • The extract effect has been extremely improved to make calming ingredients. It will be effective to be more calmed skin’s sensitiveness with advanced 9 complex

  • ✔ Advanced Horse Oil, Unique Substance of Guerisson
  • ✔ Effective to the elasticity
  • ✔ Strengthening effect of the skin barrier
  • ✔ High purity ingredients suit all skin types
  • ✔ Soft butter texture gives plentiful nourishment

Unique Technology of Guerisson, Advanced Horse Oil

  • ➤ A quantity of unsaturated fatty acid of high purity
  • ➤ Optimum Composition ratio as the moisturizing element because of its similarity to the human sebum
  • ➤Excellent effect controlling oil and moisture balance of the skin
  • ➤ Moisturizing and making skin glossy without stickiness due to good permeability into skin

What is Advance Horse Oil?

  • The unique technology of Guerisson, A method to refine solid horse oil and high purity liquid horse oil.
  • German Horse Oil ➧ Extraction of high purity horse oil ➧ Concentrated active ingredients ➧ Enriched 'Advanced horse oil'

Triple care of high elasticity, High moisturizing, and High nutrition

  • ➤ Completion of skin becoming dense and moist from deep inside skin
  • ➤ Anti-wrinkle & anti-aging & skin lifting

Power Of Horse Oil

  • ➤ Unique texture that is densely and softly worn on the skin strengthens the skin barrier
  • ➤ Horse oil prevents skin from moisture loss and keeps nutrient for a long time


  • ➤ Light butter creamy texture non-sticky feel


  • Gently apply it onto the skin as a cream applying step of your skincare routine after washing your face in the morning and in the evening and make sure it is well-absorbed into the skin.


Volume  230gm