Guerisson 9 Complex Essence

Guerisson 9 Complex Essence

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Volume  130ml



Improves Skin Condition - Improves skin condition and restores it to a healthy, vibrant appearance.        

Firms over Time - Fills out loose skin with moisture and nutrients, increasing its resilience over time.        

Creates a Moisture Barrier - Galactomyces ferment filtrate creates a moisture barrier, transforming rough skin into a soft texture.



Secret lngredients to Firm Skin 


Hydrating Mineral Water

Galactomyces ferment filtrate provides beneficial nutrients, increasing skin's moisture retention and regenerative ability for a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Mineral water hydrates and purifies skin and prevents dryness.






Skin Type


Undiluted Serum

Refreshing Lemon Balm

All Skin Types





How to Use

After lotion application, apply an even layer to skin using gentle strokes.


Before & after use

Firms skin from the inside out




Containing famous 9 herbs & Horse oil; Guerisson 9 Complex essence increases moisture retention, improves skin’s vitality by reducing fine lines & make you look youthful, radiant & fresh.


The light weight essence is a hydrating elixir that keeps dryness at bay. Having mineral water, it helps detoxifying skin & ensures clearer appearance. The botanical ingredients in Guerisson 9 Complex essence increase regenerative ability, speed up cell turnover to make skin look fuller, plump & firm. The soothing ingredients calm stressed skin, fade hyperpigmentation & repairs tissues damaged by sun.


Guerisson 9 Complex essence rejuvenates dull & lack-lustrous skin by quenching skin’s thirst. It effectively forms a protective barrier against environmental aggressors. The essence boasts horse oil that is free from steroids & preservatives which keep the formula safe enough to be used on babies’ skin. Without leaving any gooey appearance, the essence gets readily absorbed into the skin. The water-y essence is known to induce an instant glow that lasts a day.


Incorporating Guerisson 9 Complex essence in daily skin care regimen makes you appear younger by improving overall condition of skin. With little to no side-effects, the essence prepares your skin for subsequent makeup products & assures smooth application.


Use it in combination with Guerisson 9 Complex scar removal cream & lotion to get the flawless translucent skin that Korean goddesses are famous for.  Now flaunt brighter, more resilient & firm skin fortnightly with Horse Oil range.