Why you should go for GOLD when it comes to anti-aging?

Beauty Secrets from Ancient Time


Beauty rituals have existed thousand of years ago as people continue to search for the “fountain of youth” in attempts to retain youthfulness. Many ancient civilisations and cultures indulged themselves in beauty rituals, and some of these rituals even made their way to the modern world of beauty we come to know today. Egypt is one of the most advanced civilizations in ancient times known for their sophisticated beauty regime and exotic fashions and accessories. Cleopatra, who was regarded as a symbol of beauty, had had her fair shares of beauty rituals, of which many are still popular today, including almond oil, honey and milk bath and gold for skin care. Gold especially was not only used as adornment in ancient Egypt, but it was an important ingredient for anti-aging purpose. Cleopatra and Nefertiti were known to sleep wearing a gold mask!


gold mask


Why is Gold used in Skin Care?

Gold is also known as the ‘King of Metals’ or ‘Elixir of Life’ not only because it is the most valuable precious metal even till today, actively used for jewellery, as electronic components and as an investment portfolio, but this precious metal has been used in cosmetics and beauty care for centuries for its miracle anti-aging benefits. In recent years, gold has been making a come-back and gaining popularity in cosmetics uses and skin care solutions once again. Let’s dissect some of the benefits of gold.


5 Benefits of Gold for Cosmetic and Skin Care Use

  1. Prevents premature ageing

The key components to maintain the elasticity of our skin is collagen, a protein produced in our body. As we age, the production of collagen slows down too, leading to the gradual appearance of fine lines and sagging of skin as the skin loses its elasticity.  The chemical properties in gold is believed to help combat the loss of collagen and restore the elasticity in our skin, giving your skin a firmer appearance.


  1. Natural healing properties

Gold possesses the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help the skin heal and speed up the cell renewal process. The medicinal benefits are great for those with sensitive skin. Colloidal gold, which means the suspension of gold nanoparticles in water, are used by dermatologist and in some cosmetics with the purpose to restore and renew skin cells.


  1. As an antioxidant

Gold has been used to treat acne-prone skin and blemishes because of its anti-oxidant benefit, improving blood circulation and increasing oxygen supply to keep skin well-nourished and hydrated. The ions present in gold are believed to stimulate the cells and increase metabolism of the skin cells to achieve healthier looking skin. Not only that, gold also serves as an anti-oxidant to protect our skin against free radicals, the most common culprits of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.


  1. Protection from sun damage

Exposure to UV rays from sun light can caused the appearance of dark spots and skin pigmentation due to the production of melanin. Gold nanoparticles help reduce the production of melanin in the body and in return, minimises the appearance of dark spots from exposure to the damaging effects of UV rays.




  1. Achieves a glowing complexion

The tiny gold particles give your skin a brightening and natural glow when used topically on skin. Having gold in your skin care such as your face serum and moisturisers improves your skin tone instantly, creating a dewy, radiant look even when used under your makeup.



Guerisson 24k Gold Energy Ampoule

Introducing the luxurious Guerisson ampoule by Guerisson, infused with 99.9% pure gold to give your skin a nourishing and brighter complexion. Combining the patented horse oil with 7-peptide complex, Guerisson 24k Gold Energy Ampoule offers the perfect firming and repairing benefits from the inside, strengthening our skin barriers while at the same time, revitalizing and calming the tired and stressed skin to reveal a refreshed appearance instantly. This rich hydrating ampoule also maintains the skin’s PH level and boosts the skin’s hydration to prevent dry and dull looking skin.

A plant-based skin care, this ampoule protects the skin from harmful free radicals and external stimulus, while it calms inflamed and sensitive skin by increasing the oxygen level in the cells and improving blood circulation.


On aesthetic value, Guerisson 24k Gold Energy Ampoule makes for a great makeup base as it preps the skin for further makeup. Its 24k tiny gold flakes give the skin natural glow and a satiny finish, helping you achieve a dewy look. Not only that, it forms a thin layer of protection barrier and keeps your skin hydrated under your foundation and makeup. A well hydrated skin prevents makeup from caking up easily due to dryness. Guerisson 24k Gold Energy Ampoule is suitable for all skin types. Apply this ampoule by gently tapping it on skin. It does not leave any sticky feelings but does leave behind some gold residue due to the natural characteristic of the product.


Where to buy Guerisson Products?

We are the authorised online distributor for Guerisson, a skin care brand from Korea, in Malaysia. Guerisson is known for its patented horse oil / horse liposome skin care products such as the Guerisson 9 Complex Cream sold for over 30 millions in Asia, and other skin care products from the same series.  The brand emphasizes on using naturally sourced botanical ingredients to achieve maximum beauty and skin care benefits.


For more Guerisson skin care series and other skin care solutions, visit www.guerisson.shop today.

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