What Causes Hair Loss & How to Prevent it?

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Although it is a disappointment to realize that there are no effective cures to permanently STOP complete hair loss, there are treatments that improve the thinning hair and help managing symptoms. Hair loss is usually genetic or in other cases it is caused by an underlying health concern. Raised testosterone levels, hyper active thyroid glands, poly cystic ovaries & other hormonal imbalances are the common culprits. If topical treatments do not help, a simple blood test will analyze thoroughly the reason behind growing hair loss. In addition to being hereditary, hair loss falls into 3 main categories i.e. stress, poor diet & chemical procedures.

Hair Loss due to Stress

Stress causing sudden hair loss

Stress and hair loss are highly related. Good news is, it is not permanent. Once you get your stress levels back to normal, hair lost due to stress will eventually starts growing on its own. There are three types of stress related hair loss where significant amount of stress pushes large number of hair follicles to resting phase that leads to sudden hair loss when simply combing or washing your hair. Stress also causes the sufferer to involuntarily pull the hair from scalp in order to deal with negative feelings, tension, loneliness, boredom or frustration. Alopecia Areata could also be stress related where body’s immune system attacks hair follicles leading to baldness and patchy areas.

How to Prevent Stress Related Hair Loss?

Try relaxing approach. Stress is never permanent and consistently trying to reduce stress levels may help you grow your hair thick again. Meditation, Yoga, dancing etc may help you combat stress.

Hair Loss due to Poor Diet

nutrients for hair growth

Your hair needs lots of protein, iron, minerals & vitamins to stay healthy. To name a few are Vitamin B complex, Vit A, C, E & D. other notable nutrients are zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine, selenium etc. A poor diet may lead to hair loss that continues until you make concrete efforts to take a balanced diet.

How to Prevent Diet Related Hair Loss?

Try incorporating healthy foods such as milk, green vegetables, cheese, egg yolks, nuts, whole grains, beef, lever etc. If you find it hard to meet daily intake of these nutrients you may ask your doctor to prescribe you dietary supplements.

Hair Loss due to Chemical Processing

hair bleaching hair loss

Last but not the least, the most common factor behind cosmetic hair loss is chemical processing. Bleaching, dying, hair styling that pulls too much of the force on hair follicles & chemically straightening your hair may damage the cuticles and weaken the hair at roots that eventually leads to the frightening hair fall. Be wary of the chemicals you apply on your scalp. If you are suffering from thinning of hair line, go as natural as possible. Avoid shampoos & products containing SLS, Parabens, mineral oils & triclosan.


Damage Control

Include products that claim to control damage. Chemical procedures leave your hair dry, brittle with locks that remain disheveled. Guerisson damage control hair essence & shampoo provides deep nourishment to hair follicles, improve the texture of each hair strand & hydrates your scalp. It also prevents damage caused by heat. It contains blend of 10 natural oils that delivers intensive nourishment and help strengthening hair follicles.

Hair loss could be frightening but an immediate and effective approach might help you losing hair even further. If home remedies do not help, consult your physician as he might possibly suggest blood work to get a better grip. Eating healthy, sleeping sound, stressing less and going chemical free could help you grow back your hair fuller in six months.

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