Skin Care

  • Best Sunscreen for summer : Guerisson UV Defense

    We are almost too much concerned about finding the ideal SPF that we pay zero attention towards the type of sunblock. Yes, there are chemical and physical sunscreen available in the market. Depending on your lifestyle & skin type you might do better with one than another. Of course, there are pros and cons associated with each type.
  • Sunscreen vs Sunblock: What should I Use?

    Spray on sunscreens are easy to apply in a jiffy. The application is breeze for parents having little kids who squirm a lot.

    On the other hand, gels or creams sun protectants may feel a little gooey. Spray kind sunscreens are more suitable for the body since spraying on to the face may cause inadvertent inhalation which is definitely not good for the lungs.

    Gel sunscreens are moisturising. Guerisson chemical gel based sunscreen gets readily absorbed without casting a white sheen. It has whitening properties hence it tends to work better on face.