Korean Skin Care: Why does my Skin Remain Dry?

Why does Skin Remain Dry?

When you have dry & dehydrated skin, you think of slathering moisturizers & creams. Unfortunately, to your frustration you find none of the skincare product working. Dry skin is a type where the topmost layer (lipid) lacks oil to hold in the moisture. As a result, evaporation of the moisture happens constantly leaving your skin dry & dehydrated. It is important you incorporate moisture-binding skincare products along with products rich in oils & lipids to improve dryness & dehydration.



When Moisturizer & Face Creams are not enough

As per Korean skincare regime, healthy glowing skin depends on a dozen products that narrowly target each concern. Since Westerners tend to avoid a course of multiple products due to the busy routine; they suffer the most with the changing weather. Dry & dehydrated skin shows exacerbated symptoms in winter & hot/humid weather due to cold air, usage of heaters, air conditioners & makeup products that are the wrong type.

Face cream and moisturizer is applied to hold in whatever moisture your skin already has. Unfortunately, it is not a treatment to your dry skin but a remedy to temporarily control the concern. As soon as you wash off; you will be left with tight & scaly skin again.


What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is a skin type that is unable to retain moisture. Dry skin is diagnosed by “the lack of oil”. When the topmost layer that is formed of “dead skin cells” (responsible to protect the living cells under) is compromised, your skin loses the ability to hold in the moisture. As result evaporation occurs and you find your skin scaly, flaky & dehydrated. To treat dry skin look for the products that are rich in lipids and oils, for instance, Guerisson 24K Gold Energy Ampoule. Oils have larger molecules that sit on the superficial layer of your skin and ensure it is strong enough to act as a barrier and prevent further moisture loss.


What is Dehydrated Skin?

Dehydrated skin is a condition. Even oily and combination skin can be dehydrated. Dehydration can be reduced by drinking lots of water, consuming citrus fruits & salads. To treat dehydrated skin look for the products that contain hydrating active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Korean skincare products with lighter consistency such as All Alive watering serum will help improve the condition. It has smaller molecules that are able to pass through the topmost lipid layer. It rests in the buried skin tissues and provides the most vital nutrients your skin has been lacking so far.

Always use your regular moisturizers with a hydrating serum that is actually responsible for the needed nourishment. An oil-based serum or a face oil further helps to retain the moisture by strengthening the lipid layer. A moisturizer can’t work alone- it reinforces the natural skin barrier when it is layered with watering serum or essence underneath and with an oil serum or facial oil over the top!


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