How to keep your Body Moisturized in winter?

How to keep your body moisturized in winter?

Winter is not really anticipated since it leaves your skin dry, dehydrated & rough. Dry indoor air, hot tub baths & using chemical-laden products lead to dry & patchy skin. When skin loses its ability to retain moisturizer, it becomes dry & itchy. It is important to take measures to strengthen skin barrier so that it holds in moisture & stay hydrated.

Avoid Frequent Hot Showers

Frequent hot tubs and showers rip your skin off its natural oil. Using bar soap has long been associated with leaving your skin dry. Commercially manufactured bar soaps do not contain glycerine but other chemicals to keep them in the bar shape. These bar soaps are packed with dozens of chemicals that disturb skin PH as they are alkaline in nature contrary to the slightly acidic PH of the human skin.


Replace Bar Soap with Body Wash

To help your body lock in the moisturizer, we suggest you replace your bar soaps with a moisturizing body wash. Body washes are more hydrating & nourishing. For instance, Guerisson Extra Comfort Body wash contains emollients that make your skin soft & leaves it moisturized. In your best interest, avoid using bar soaps whenever possible as they rip your skin barrier, makes it dry & eventually your skin becomes dehydrated since it loses its ability to hold water due to the damaged lipid layer ( skin barrier)


Lock in Moisturiser using Body Moisturisers

Body lotion, body creams and body butter – all are different variations of body moisturizers. With zero knowledge of your skin type and products you need, it could be quite daunting to choose a product when options are innumerable.

Body lotion is the most ideal moisturizer since it suits every skin type from oily to combination & moderate dry skin. It provides the thinnest application & gets readily absorbed leaving no traces behind. It contains oil & water where water content is responsible to provide hydration & oil stays on the top strengthening skin barrier. Oils are definitely softening but body lotions due to the more water and less oil do not stay for long. Always apply body lotion soon after you take shower to help to lock in the moisturizer.

Body lotions are popular in both winter & summer but you would want to switch to a body butter or cream in case you need intense moisture. In winter, give your body an additional dose of hydration by combining body lotions & body butter. As a result, you will find your body visibly smooth & velvet-soft that stays hydrated and glows from within!


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