Best Sunscreen for summer : Guerisson UV Defense

Best Sunscreen for summer : Guerisson UV Defense

Don’t let the type of chemical scare you. A chemical sunscreen proves to be a better sunblock for most of the people, especially for people with sensitive & oily skin types. What makes a chemical sunscreen better than physical? It does not sit on top of your skin. Hands down! Guerisson UV Defense is a chemical sunscreen that gets readily absorbed into the skin and has a light texture. It leaves no white cast and greasy texture that is a common happening with a physical sunscreen.


Why prefer a chemical sunscreen over physical during summer?

Think beyond SPF and PA when hunting down the best sunscreen for summer. We are almost too much concerned about finding the ideal SPF that we pay zero attention towards the type of sunblock. Yes, there are chemical and physical sunscreen available in the market. Depending on your lifestyle & skin type you might do better with one than another. Of course, there are pros and cons associated with each type.

Best Sunscreen for summer : Guerisson UV Defense

What is a Chemical Sun Screen?

A chemical sunblock as the name mentions, contains chemicals. It could be slightly irritating to some skin types but scores big in summer especially when you are spending time out at pool and beach where water is involved. Guerisson sun spray is a light chemical sunscreen that is water-resistant. It provides an ideal application on hot scorching sunny days when you expect a lot of sweating. It sinks into the skin, absorbs UV rays and releases it from the body by converting it into heat. Guerisson sun spray is easy to apply but remember chemical sunscreen starts to break down quicker than its other counterpart so more frequent reapplication is required.

It also goes under your skincare as it needs to sink in. A chemical sunblock requires a 20 minutes duration to be able to prevent you from sun damage.


What is a Physical Sun Bock?

A physical sunblock sits on the top of your skin. It has a thick and moisturizing texture that no one is friends with. However, the best thing about a physical sunblock is its ability to provide immediate protection. Unlike chemical sunscreen, it needs zero waiting time to work. Before UV rays could be absorbed it reflects them preventing your skin from the said damage.

Guerisson UV Defence Gel Essence is a light physical sunblock that is ideal for face & body. It goes under your makeup but over your skincare.


Is Chemical Sun Screen Better than Physical?

It should be your personal preference that defines which type is better for you. In short, if you can’t wait to step out in the sun; use a physical sunblock but on the other hand if you expect you will be sweating & need water-resistant sun protection then try a chemical sunscreen.


Besides the type of sunscreen what else you should be looking in sunscreen are

  1. SPF and PA grade

  2. Fragrance-free

  3. Non-comedogenic

  4. Oil-free

  5. Paraben-free

  6. SPF 30 at least or higher


“Whether they choose a chemical sunscreen or a physical sunblock, if a patient wears an SPF of 30, I’m happy with it,” says Dr. David Harvey, M.D., a Piedmont dermatologist and Mohs surgeon.


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