3 Reasons to Incorporate Horse Oil Skin Care Products

3 Reasons to Incorporate Horse Oil Skin Care Products

Horse oil is a rich source of good fat & linolenic acid that is famous for its skin healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Unlike sheep & cows, linolenic acid is abundantly present in horse fat which boasts incredible similarities with human sebum. It gets readily absorbed by the skin, penetrating deeper; horse oil skin care products significantly improve fine lines & wrinkles, strengthen lipid barrier & help maintaining oil-moisture balance.


Horse Oil Skin Care Products as First Aid

    Horse oil skin care products hold dozens of benefits. In an emergency situation, horse oil skin care products acts as first-aid. In ancient times, it was used for its anti-inflammatory properties in Far East & Europe. Horse oil skin care products help treating eczema, insect bites, minor cuts & wounds, sun burn, rosacea, acne and an array of other skin related ailments. It even reduces muscular pain.


    Horse Oil Skin Care Products Provide Head to Toe Treatment

      With horse oil skin care products you get head to treatment. Although it’s a moisturizer for face, it can be applied on body and as a hair ointment. Apply it on cracked and dry heals to provide an intense boost of moisture during cold winter. Besides moisturizing; it lightens complexion, reduce freckles, acne and scars & works to eliminate stretch marks.

      Horse Oil Skin Care Products are suitable for all Skin Types

        Last but not the least, products containing horse oil are equally good for all skin types. After the horse fat is extracted it is refined down to an odorless, colorless oil that has no additives in its purest form. It is safe enough to be used on a baby’s skin.


        Horse oil is touted for its ant oxidative & anti-microbial benefits. You can incorporate horse oil skin care products in your everyday or weekly skin care routine. Today, if you walk through the aisle of Korean skin care products; rarely you will ever return without purchasing ubiquitous face masks containing horse oil serum & moisturizers. Consumers can now purchase renewed version horse oil cream at Guerisson.



        Although horse oil is an animal by product. It does not necessarily involve animal cruelty. Horses are raised and farmed for its meat in Asia and Europe whereas horse oil is extracted from the wastage and mane. Horse oil does not require killing of horses. Replace all your skin care products with Guerisson and enjoy head to toe glowing, hydrated and flawless skin.


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