5 Best Skin Food for Amazing Skin at Home

We can save on makeup nowadays by wearing a protective face mask as a must when we are in public places.  Besides, no one will notice your face anyway. This is true until you have to remove your mask when your food arrives for example and reveal your bare face. It is easy for us to slack off when we are just at home most of the time. But don’t succumb to the laziness. Instead, take this opportunity to improve your skin condition. Here are 5 best skin food from Guerisson, a premium Korean skincare brand featuring Advanced Horse Oil, to keep your skin healthy and glowing so you can “bare-it-all” with confidence when in public or even on Zoom.


Guerisson Skin Relief Cleansing Foam

What do you get when you combine horse oil and horse milk powder? A “Horse-some” double deep cleansing experience. The first step to skincare is cleansing. This amazingly moisturizing cleansing foam leaves your skin feeling clean and soft after cleansing. The nourishing benefits from the cleanser also strengthen the skin barrier, protecting our skin against the damaging effects of the external environment.

Unique to Guerisson, the combination of horse oil with powder form horse milk, produced by the mare during the first 6 months after giving birth, produces a highly viscous formula that stretches and creates threads as you rub. The dense mound formed from the ultrafine foam during cleansing process thoroughly eliminates pore-clogging impurities without hurting the skin. Mild and hypoallergenic, the cleanser is packed with the goodness of natural ingredients including the powerful antioxidant properties from the black trio – black sesame, black bean, and black oat extract.


Guerisson 9 Complex Cream

Guerisson 9 Complex Cream - Renewed Version

Spotting a spanking new look with improved ingredients, Guerisson 9 Complex Cream sold out 30 million units at its 3rd anniversary. A unique technology of Guerisson featuring the advanced horse oil, an unsaturated fatty acid of high purity, the product has great moisturizing element similar to that of the human sebum.

Worrying about your skin becoming oilier with moisturizer? You will love this product as it offers good moisture and oil balance. Your skin will look glossy without the uncomfortable stickiness. Guerisson 9 Complex Cream delivers to your skin the triple care of high elasticity, high moisturizing and high nutrition. Its anti-wrinkle and anti-aging benefits make it a popular choice amongst the beauty brands in Korea. In addition, Peptide Complex in the product offers skin lifting benefits.


Guerisson 9 Complex Bright Me Cream

Guerisson 9 Complex Bright Me Cream - Halal Certified

The first of its kind Halal-certified skin whitening cream which gives your tired, listless skin an instant radiance. As what the name itself says, Bright Me Cream brightens your complexion instantly. A perfect go-to cream whenever you need a quick fix before a video conference or heading out for a quick grocery stock-up.

6-time awardees since its launch, the cream has a light, whipped cream-like texture and glides easily across your face, giving you a rosy glow in a matte finish. A concoction of 5 major ingredients that meet halal requirements, namely Butylene Glycol (derived from sugarcane), Glycerin (derived from palm kernel), Alanine, Glucose, and Fructose, the cream also conceals unsightly hyperpigmentation such as freckles and spots, giving your complexion an even finish. A single application gives you a long-lasting milky, healthy glow without the unnatural paleness. What we love about Bright Me Cream apart from its luminous effects, is its moisturizing and hydrating goodness.


Guerisson Red Ginseng Cream Mask

Guerisson Red Ginseng Cream Mask (Box)

Guerisson Red Ginseng Cream Mask gives you dual skin barriers, attributed to the unique blend of horse oil & red ginseng. As Guerisson’s signature ingredient, the Horse Oil Liposome Clustering which is a combination of German Horse Oil Ceramide and Horse Oil Liposome, has amazing moisturizing and lifting effects.

Being referred to by renowned cosmetic chemist Ginger King as “Eastern coffee”, the highly condensed red ginseng extract in Guerisson Red Ginseng Cream Mask is considered the best skin food among all products, giving the skin an energy boost and has high antioxidants to protect skin from damages caused by free radicals. Other than that, ginseng can help boost blood circulation and stimulate collagen production, offering an anti-aging benefit that targets fine lines and wrinkles.

The sheet mask made from Superfine fiber Micro Away™ is 150 times thinner than general fiber so it wraps around your skin comfortably like a second skin. The superfine fiber not only nourishes the skin but also draw up dirt particles and absorbs them between fiber, leaving skin soft, supple and younger-looking.


Guerisson UV Defense Sun Spray

Guerisson UV Defense Sun Spray

Your skincare regime is not complete without a sunscreen. According to Mayoclinic, exposure to UV light speeds up premature aging and is the primary cause of early wrinkling. Therefore, wearing sunscreen will decrease the aging process and prevent the development of pigmentation which results in brown spots or skin discoloration.

Introducing the spray-on Guerisson UV Defense Sun Spray which offers broad-spectrum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as the blue light from digital screens! We love its lightweight formulation and easy application. The benefit of using a spray-on sunscreen is that you can achieve an even coverage on large skin areas. In addition to that, it has the hydrating benefit of Horse Oil Liposome and whitening properties, so you wouldn’t get the usual sticky and dry sensation from applying sunscreen. It also has anti-wrinkle and skin firmness benefits. That’s a double whammy.

The sunscreen is good for everyday use and can be applied over makeup without causing a white cast effect. Use it 30 minutes before hitting the sun for optimum effect.


Guerisson Special Set

Staying at home is no reason for you to loosen up your self – care habits including a healthy, balanced diet, regular workout and proper skincare routine. Try Guerisson Special Set as a skin-care starter kit to get back on track if you have been slacking. Get this as a gift set or buy a gift card so your friends or families can choose their own desired products.


Shop at Guerisson for best skin food products & your complete skincare solutions at https://guerisson.shop/.

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