• Real Gold in Skin Care? Benefits of 24K Gold Korean Skin Care

    Gold metal is an excellent anti-aging agent. Cosmetics containing 24K gold are pure luxury yet nothing ridiculously priced. The reasonable price tag makes us wonder whether or not it is legit gold.

    Although it is impossible to give a verdict about every brand, we can assure you with the below proofs that Guerisson- a high-end Korean skincare brand uses patented 24K gold nano-particles to provide an immediate boost of hydration, improve complexion & keep you looking younger.

  • 5 Best Skin Food for Amazing Skin at Home

    It is easy for us to slack off when we are just at home most of the time. But don’t succumb to the laziness. Instead, take this opportunity to improve your skin condition. Here are 5 skin food from Guerisson, a premium Korean skincare brand featuring Advanced Horse Oil, to keep your skin healthy and glowing so you can “bare-it-all” with confidence when in public or even on Zoom.